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Yank Tanks

When you think about traveling to Cuba, there are few more iconic or easily recognizable symbols of the island than the Yank Tank. Has anyone wondered just why there are so many classic American cars in Cuba? Or even more curious – how on earth they are still in one piece!? To investigate this mystery, insightCuba flew me to Havana and gave me the keys to a ‘57 Chevy. My mission was to drive throughout Cuba in search of answers. Then I woke up and did some research.



Spotlight on Cuban Culture: Exploring Santería

InsightCuba participants may have the opportunity to visit areas like the spiritual city of Guanabacoa located just outside of Havana, or the sizzling cultural city of Santiago de Cuba. While there, you are likely to experience an aspect of Cuban culture that is frequently seen but rarely understood by travelers. During one of our people-to-people programs, you may even get to meet a Santería practioner face-to-face. I hope this short introduction to the Santería faith will give you something to talk about.


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