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Cuba 101: A Few Facts that Most People Don’t Know

What do you picture when you think of Cuba? Most people associate it with the world’s finest cigars, cool rum drinks, vintage cars and lively music. Sports fans know that Cubans love baseball, and if you paid attention in English class, you might remember that Earnest Hemingway wrote sections of “For Whom the Bell Tolls” and “the Old Man and the Sea” from Cuba. But there’s much more to the story of this island than many realize, as revealed by the following facts:



An artist in Caibarien

At a first glance, the sleepy town off the grid in Villa Clara – Caibarién – a former thriving port, seemed at strife with its past glory. But as we reached its shimmering coasts off the Malecón, children started flocking and music started playing, disturbing the silence with giggles and games.



Cuba: A Black-and-White Kaleidoscope

While walking around Havana, or any part of Cuba, you’re likely to see some Cubans covered in chalk-white apparel from head to toe.  You have just been introduced to Santeria, a Caribbean animist religion with African roots.

One of Santeria’s many rites involves a religious “uniform” consisting of white shoes, white socks, white pants and long-sleeved shirts for men, and long dresses, “chals,” and white umbrellas for women.  All kinds of hats may be worn.



Sweepstakes Winner Prepares For The Havana Marathon

Here's our first update from our Havana Marathon Sweepstakes winner, Ted Rodgers. Ted was so excited about winning his “dream trip” when we told him, that shortly after he convinced his whole family to sign up for the 



Jewish Groups in Cuba

At Havana’s three synagogues, congregations share Shabbat dinners, familiar songs, services and commaraderie. In far-flung island communities, small numbers of Jews band together to keep traditions alive. When you visit a Jewish house of worship here, you’ll likely feel an instant connection with people who share your traditions and welcome you without reservation.



The Havana Marathon Sweepstakes Winner is

We are very excited to announce that our Grand Prize Winner of the Havana Marathon Facebook Sweepstakes is... Ted Rodgers! Ted was so excited about winning his “dream trip” when we told him, that shortly after he convinced his whole family to sign up for the Havana Marathon 4-Day Tour as well. Together they will embark on an exotic running trip that has previously been off limits to US travelers for decades due to the US embargo with Cuba.