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Bus-ride Conversations

Over the course of our eight days in Cuba, the moments that stood out the most weren’t necessarily what you might expect.  While it was exciting to snap photos to capture the iconic profile of Che Guevara in the Revolution Square and have a mojito on the outdoor terrace of the Hotel Nacional overlooking the waves crashing into the Malecon, in fact my most memorable moments occurred in the confines of our motor coach. 



Newsweek's 2012 Travel Bucket List

InsightCuba is featured in Newsweek's 2012 Travel Bucket List!



A Visit to Las Terrazas

Located in Pinar del Rio, in the Sierra del Rosario mountain range, Las Terrazas is a community that was built in the late 1960’s, as part of a plan to restore an area devastated by 19th century French coffee plantations and heavy deforestation.



Street Parties and Sunsets

I’ve never seen a sunset look like that, it was almost as if it was engulfed in pink flames, but ultimately what set it aside, was the way those pink flames were met by the calming blue waters of the Caribbean Sea – simply stunning.



My Adventure to Cuba: Part 1

My toes touched the tarmac and there it was, right in front of me – history. I’ll never forget my first impression of Cuba; it was of Tom, the Director of insightCuba, in the most warming of embraces with his Cuban counterpart. What struck me about this embrace was that it felt as though it was being shared amongst brothers, the closest of brothers, who for whatever reason, had been separated for years, decades even, without a phone call or email. For me, during that one single moment in time, I finally understood his genuine love for Cuba and its people.



Three Off-the-Beaten Path Festivals

Hi, I’m Miguel, blogging directly from Cuba. I hope you'll enjoy reading my blogs as much as I enjoy writing them! Finally the time has come for many to travel legally to Cuba.


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