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A Coffee Shop and U.S.- Cuba Policy

Year after year, 193 countries gather at the U.N. to vote for or against the embargo of the United States against Cuba. The results are almost every year the same, but the experience of attending the vote is truly one of a kind. 

by Tom Popper



Recipe of the Week: Pumpkin Fritters for Halloween

With fall having taken over the city streets and colorful leaves gracefully adorning the sidewalks, there is no better time to savor a pumpkin latte and enjoy some wickedly delicious pumpkin fritters.



Embark on a Cuban expedition this holiday season!

Travelers looking to inaugurate the holiday season with some sabor de Cuba should take advantage of insightCuba’s December departures.



Live from Cuba: Trip Preparation – One Book at a Time

Maybe you’ve been dreaming of visiting Cuba since the country took home seven gold boxing medals at the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games. Or perhaps Cuba landed on your radar after learning about innovative biotech products developed and produced on the island including Heberprot-P.



Our Girl in Havana: Cuba's Best Beaches

For many years, there was as a divide between locals and tourists in Cuba. There were Cuban bars and there were tourist bars. There were Cuban pesos and tourist dollars (the convertible peso). When you went into a restaurant, you would be handed a tourist menu, different to the menu handed to Cubans. And similarly, there were private tourist beaches and public Cuban beaches.



Recipe of the Week: the tasty sabor of Mojo Marinade

Cuban food is known worldwide for its rich foods and delicious flavors. But what makes Cuban dishes so incredibly delicious is not just its great recipes and exquisite cooks, but traditional sauces that all but make for its savory tastes. One of the most favored is the Mojo Marinade. This potent garlic marinade is the not-so-secret ingredient to most of your favorite Cuban dishes.