Hello I am Consuelo Perez Weber

Consuelo began working with insightCuba in June of 2015 and has since led more than 15 tours. A proud Texan, Consuelo lives in the U.S.—a boon for our guests, as she travels to and from Cuba with the groups. She consistently receives rave reviews, such as:

“Consuelo and Madeline were among the most exceptional guides I have ever had! They, apart from the beauty and charm of Cuba, made the trip more worthwhile.” 
– Undiscovered 4.3.16 

“I would do another trip with Consuelo. She was very positive, upbeat, encouraging, great interpersonal skills with Cubans, knew her stuff, a great storyteller. I felt safe and well taken care of.” 
– Classic 1.30.16 

“Consuelo was hysterical. She and Madeline made the trip a true delight. Consuelo thought of everything and included many wonderful surprises along the way. I would love to take another trip somewhere with the two of them.” 
– Undiscovered 3.6.16 

To help you get to know one of our top tour leaders, we asked Consuelo the following questions.
Here's what she said: 

1. Tell us a little about yourself. 
I was born and raised in Texas in a small town called Weslaco. I now reside at Canyon Lake, Texas, considered “the state capital of water sports.” We have lots of tubing down the Guadalupe River, lots of wineries. We’re close to many of the old dance halls. I believe we have about 1,000 all over the state. Canyon Lake is up in Hill Country, about 36 miles north of San Antonio and 42 south of our capital, Austin. 

2. Do you lead tours anywhere else? If so, where—and how do those places compare to Cuba? 
I have led tours in Canada, Mexico, and all over the U.S. Right now, I only work for insightCuba. I lived at the Grand Canyon for six and a half years and have had the opportunity to hike almost all the trails of all the canyons in the West. Mexico is similar to Cuba in terms of its buildings and music, and in both places, you see lots of happy people. 

3. Why Cuba? 
My father visited Cuba many times as a teenager. My cousins and grandmother housed Fidel Castro, Camilo Cienfuegos, and Che Guevara when they were in Mexico back in the day. They have lots of nice photos, which I am trying to make copies of when I go back. I grew up with my father telling me that I needed to see Cuba, and I’m glad I did. 

4. What do you like most about Cuba? 
I like the people and their creativity, the music, the buildings, the beautiful turquoise waters, the mountains, and the fact that people have survived with hardly anything. It always makes me appreciate everything I have, and I am able to come home and teach classes about Cuba at our local library. I've been a guest speaker with different clubs, and it’s been fun sharing my experiences. 

5. What’s your best advice for prospective travelers to Cuba? 
Research our itineraries, take small gifts to leave behind, wear comfortable shoes, keep an open mind, and have lots of fun! 

6. Favorite insightCuba tours you’ve led? 
Undiscovered Cuba. I love that the guests get to see everything from the city to the mountains, the beach, farms. 

8. Favorite insightCuba activity or community project? 
My favorite activities are visiting the Flamenco Dance Company in Camaguey, and watching the Santa Amalia dancers during the Vintage tour. 
(Read more about Santa Amalia

9. Favorite place for a mojito? 
A casa particular we stayed at in Santa Clara: one of the best! 

10. Favorite restaurants or paladares? 
San Pauli in Santiago de Cuba, San Cristobal in La Habana 

11. Favorite place to go dancing? 
Anywhere in the street with the locals

12. Favorite song? 
Quizas Quizas! 

13. Favorite province? 

Consuelo's happy leading visitors through Cuba or any place she knows and likes. She says, "If ever you are in my neck of the woods, please look me up. I would love to show you my beautiful home state of Texas!"