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Specialty Cuba Tours

InsightCuba pioneered legal people-to-people travel to Cuba, allowing thousands of U.S. travelers to experience the thrills and delights of this fascinating country. 



Dreams really do come true.

In 2002, I met Michael, who was stricken with childhood leukemia. It wasn’t by chance. I had joined Team in Training to raise money for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society and was Michael’s sponsor. I was raising money— and running a marathon—for him.

During my nine months of training, I participated in a bunch of 5- and 10k races, and a half-marathon, and felt amazed by the bonds and camaraderie between runners all across the country and from all over the world.  This was my first marathon and I was hooked.



Our Girl in Havana: The who, where and why of Cuba

Who: For nature explorers

Where: Viñales Valley, an official national park and the most visited location in the Pinar del Río province 



2015 Travel Dates to Cuba Have Arrived

There is something magical about the arrival of spring: a sense of renewal, blossoming flowers and lots of sunshine to look forward to. And for this next spring, an extra reason to celebrate: Cuba is calling!



Our Girl in Havana: Your Cuba Reading List

I always try to immerse myself in the stories and sagas of a country before I travel, so when I’m lost in the beauty of it all, I have something to guide me. There is no more immersive way to contextualize yourself than through the fiction of that country. Cuba is ripe with stories; it has a history so utterly unique and dramatic, that many people both Cuban and otherwise have brought the past to life in stunning and compelling ways.



Recipe of the Week: Cuba Libre cocktail

Although the invention of this popular drink may vary, one thing is certainly for sure; it’s a real Cuba classic! Whether it was made during or after the Spanish-American war, we can all agree that a Cuba Libre (translated as "Free Cuba") is one desired by many!



  • 2 oz light rum
  • juice of 1/2 limes
  • Coca-Cola