Visit the working studio of Art in Your Hands, a collaboration of eight artists who work in various mediums and styles.

Art in Your Hands is a collaboration between eight artists in residence, all of whom have their own artistic style and skill. The studio has paintings, carvings, engravings and more in different mediums. We’ll get a close look at how these artists work and have the chance to shop their collection of on-sale items.

Art and Government

The colorful, Cuban imagination occupies museums, facades, and courtyard walls in the capital city and beyond. And a hands-on approach from Cuba’s government is one reason why artists, in particular, occupy a special place in the economy. Here, most industries are state-run. Thus, most Cubans work for the government – but artists are an exception, along with over 200 occupations like taxi drivers, electricians, barbers, and soap makers, who work for themselves.

In America, pursuing dance, music, or visual art is rarely a promise of riches. But in Cuba, even modestly-successful artists can far outearn state employees. And with free education through college, including art school, working and living as an artist is more feasible here than anywhere. 

This experience is available on our Classic Cuba Tour or can be integrated into a custom-made itinerary