Cuban cuisine goes far beyond their famous sandwich. Join us for a neighborhood tour of the city’s best street food.

Street food is an essential part of Cuban life. Join us for a walk through the Havana neighborhood of Vedado as we visit our favorite street food spots. You can expect traditional entrees like the cajita – a boxed snack of rice, beans, and pork with tomato and cabbage. Along with Cuban pizza, which is usually made with gouda – instead of only mozzarella. 

Cuban dessert includes croquetas – small balls of fried food – and plenty of pastries, pies, and juices made from local guava, coconuts, and sugarcane. Of course, no food tour would be complete without a stop at the Copelia Ice Cream Emporium for helado ensalada (ice cream salad), six scoops of ice cream served in one bowl.

This activity is available on our Classic Cuba and Varadero and Havana tours or can be integrated into a custom-made itinerary